Karawatha Forest Protection Society Map Version 6.0 June 2012
- Release Notes

Minor tweaks have not necessarily been noted.

  1. Verified track start/stop locations with BCC especially West of Casuarina Track, and added plenty of name-labels so that track end-points are clear.  These include:
  2. Showed new bridge on Signata Track near Hakea Track.
  3. Showed bridge on Echidna Trail.
  4. Showed boardwalk on Melaleuca Circuit.
  5. Showed top segment (only) of Baileyana Track.
  6. Remove cliff face near (unnamed) Curtisii Lookout (old Paratz Lookout).
  7. Remove quarry &/or quarry fence as per BCC recommendation.
  8. Remove tracks to underpasses at Gateway Mwy off Curtisii Track as these are illegal.
  9. Remove references to BCC 'refuse dump' which has been closed for years.
  10. Showed BBQ at Acacia Picnic Area.
  11. Illaweena Street - added Picnic tables.
  12. Added 'steep track' triangles.
  13. Added & removed some 'walking person' icons to indicate maintained tracks.
  14. Re-alignments:
  15. Removed Lagoon Trail (now officially closed: may be reopened with a new alignment in future).
  16. Removed Paratz naming including Paratz Lookout.
  17. Changed from foot trail to vehicular track:
  18. Changed from vehicular track to foot trail:
  19. Legend re vehicular access and other legend changes.

Map and materials copyright © 2000-2012 Karawatha Forest Protection Society Inc.