In 2005 a road widening project was undertaken by the Brisbane City Council increasing the width of Compton Road to four lanes allowing for six in the future.  Compton Road is a well known hot spot for fauna kills expecially wallabies and kangaroos as they cross from Karawatha into Kuraby Bushland.  Fauna-friendly features such as a land bridge, underpasses, arboreal crossings and protective fencing to exclude wildlife from the roadway will safely guide wildife under and over the busy roadway.

This project has generated world wide attention and is the only one of its kind in Australia incorporating so many fauna friendly features in one stretch of road.

Wildlife movements will be monitored for the first three years of operation by Dr Darryl Jones and a team of graduate students from Griffith University.  Early observations have shown than wallabies and echidnas have been using the land bridge and other features.

Most of these threats arise due to the lack of public awareness.  Educating the local community as to the values of the Forest and methods of preserving it is the only long term solution.